Monday, 15 October 2012


Don't worry, I am still alive and healthy
Oh, I know you wish I wasn't! :D

Good ol' Melbourne, very cold morning, then a very warm afternoon. Why do you do this to me? :(

So, what is happening. Hm.

Hot nights makes it harder to sleep :( And you know it, I love my sleep, oh yes I do.

I'll be baking cake in 3 days! Excited :D Another cooking experience for Chef DisaFear :D

Today's magnificent piece is Machinery of the Stars by alexiuss
Such beauty. The city is absolutely perfect, the pinpricks of light being emitted are masterfully crafted. The being pondering the heavens is perfectly placed. The gears are just pure professional'ness :D For me, the image shows the inner workings of the sky, that only this brave soul can see, as the rest of the city sleeps on, unaware of the beauty of nature.
Yes, I'm partially crazy :D

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