Thursday, 29 November 2012

Lost in Space

Hot day today D: You know how I hate hot days :(
Can't do anything fun on a hot day. I sweat too much :(

Slowly recovering from the traps of my mind. It will take a while. But everything does. Who knows what the future holds.

Still unsuccessful in finding a job! Zomg. Why won't you hire poor uni students? :( Maybe I can find a job as a labourer. Get all fit at the same time :D

On top of that, my bike tyre seems to have popped. There goes my whole fitness schedule D;

At least I have a nice dinner to look forward to tomorrow night in the city :)

Been reading more Matthew Reilly books lately, he is so amazing. Definitely one of my favourite Australian authors. If anyone even reads these, go check him out! Just finished Area 7 for the 6-7th time, it is still as pro as ever

Going to try and read The Hunger Games next, see if it is as good as everyone says it is :)

Here is a spectacular piece, Hummingbird by radoxist
No words needed. It. Is. Just. Beautiful. :)

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