Saturday, 21 July 2012

Heroes to Us

It is said the Viking warriors back in the day would occasionally go 'berserk' in battle, and attack everything with an inhuman zeal and ferocity, oblivious to all danger. The powerful to go mad with bloodlust could be very terrifying to enemies indeed.

I don't know why I mention that XD Maybe I just pulled it out of an Age of Empires II manual, maybe not XD

But everyone has a fire in them, a determination to do well at something they really care about.

Like this person

The aptly titled Fire Within Me by AP-Studio shows a woman playing what I assume is a violin with the bow on fire!
How did the bow catch on fire? Was she playing it at a pace beyond human capability? Is it on fire from her passion? Or is there a Pyro around? XD

Geez, stop pouting at me, I'm just making suggestions! ^_^

The colours in the image contrast wonderfully, the blue background against the orange flames. The flames themselves are brilliantly detailed, the reflections of them on the player magnificent.

Yes. :D

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